Tuesday 17 May 2011

8 Bit Post Rock?

Starscream is a collaborative effort by New York-based artists Damon Hardjowirogo and George Stroud, who have just debuted their single 'Space from upcoming full-length Future, Towards the Edge of Forever. Hole. E. Shit. I wasn't sure if beats, NES and post rock co-existed - I mean, I knew it must exist, just not on this particular universe - but 'Space' just blew me away. It is a track of movements, with a beginning like 2001 as imagined by Konami, before exploding into 10 G's of centrifugal force that had me wetting my pants with insurmountable joy. Just the love of playing a game like The 7th Saga (Ive been revisiting my Super Nintendo collection in the past few months, and that invested a great deal of my time - and a lot of hatin on that demon Lejes, but let's not go there shall we?...) Starscream have created deceptively complex and progressive post rock compositions through the use of drums, electronics, bass and guitar. Perhaps best known for being featured throughout MTV's Skins (in particularly the finale), Starscream release Future, Towards the Edge of Forever today as a double LP - you can get it at Insound here with the first 500 copies in coloured vinyl - and if this track doesn't get you, then I dont get you.

Starscream - Space


  1. Anonymous17/5/11 21:27

    starscream is wicked. their other album "future and it doesn't work" is equally awesome.

    another great post rock 8bit band is bear and walrus. i saw them play a show with starscream a while ago and they both destroyed me.

  2. Wow, haven't heard of Bear & Walrus, might have to hunt them down!

  3. also check out noisewaves!