Tuesday 17 May 2011

Prince Bonnie's Phantom Family Get Angelic, Eat Minds

I was not expecting this - and for that direct purpose, it becomes predictable, I guess...

Will Oldham needs no introduction of course. Phantom Family Halo you may be less familiar with. Perhaps you checked out their 2009 release, Monoliths & These Flowers Never Die... No? Neither did I. Apparently they carve out a dirty niche in evil desert psych rock evocative of the chunkiness of Hawkwind and the dark theatricality of Roxy Music (not my words, they are the press release's, but I really liked that description, so let's float with it for now). So when the two meet, what do we have? The new collaboration between Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and The Phantom Family Halo called Mindeater.

Apparently the idea for this was born from a live performance they did together supporting Roky Erickson last summer in Louisville. Doesn't Erickson ever rest? Even when he is only indirectly involved he gets things done. Because Mindeater is ridiculously good. Unfortunately its only four tracks long - it is an EP after all - but it comes off as a ridiculously delectable appetiser that has the mouth gushing forth with saliva, yet the main course never arrives... That doesn't mean its not worthy - au contrair, mon frere! There are elements of other bands we have sampled in the past - Bardo Pond in their more ponderous, around the hallucinatory campfire mode immediately springs to mind - but this is its own beast, exploring the vibes of rustic folk and late ’60s/early ’70s twangy psychedelia without delving into using synths or anything that might slightly resemble the latest trend. No, this is a proper psych wigjam of the highest order, and I hope to fuck this is not the last we hear of this highly imaginative pairing.

Sophomore Lounge are responsible for releasing Mindeater, which hits out today! This vinyl-only 10" release is extremely limited... only 1,000 copies will be pressed.

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