Tuesday 24 May 2011

Teepee For My Morals!

Ive been in a spot of bother with this, Teepee's new release Morals. This was teed up as a post about a month ago, but I kinda sorta maybe lost the album... But all is good now, so here it is!

Teepee is a one man noise merchant from Miami, known to his mum as Eric Lopez-Zareno. Morals is eleven tracks (fifteen if you get on the deluxe edition - and you should) of sound collages, all coalescing from one small idea and becoming something altogether new, bohemian, ethereal and, usually, something quite loud. Which are all things I can get into. What Teepee has done here is create a lo-fi psych noise pastiche that is coherent, something that in this genre can be quite difficult to do. What's more, he has made physical copies of this little gem, which I have to say Im quite excited about. I like plugging into this, but Im especially looking forward to putting this on the turntable and letting the vibrations enter my whole body. Morals is that kinda album.

Download Morals for free here (whilst there check out some of his other stuff) - invest in the vinyl over at Senzei Records here.

Teepee - Tecum Uman
Teepee - I Told You So

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