Saturday 2 April 2011

Dead Ghosts Will Come To You

Wow. I have to say that Vancouver's Dead Ghosts almost outdo themselves on the very first song they have on their self-titled album. There are definite echoes of Harlem in here, with a healthier dollop of doo-wop for your easy listening pleasure. Dont be concerned however - these crazy Canucks keep up the bubbly shenanigans all the way through, all told with a larrikinism that is a benchmark of the garage movement, and rightly so. I really enjoy their site too - they always appear to be having the kind of time I want to be having. Plus, Dead Ghosts covers the gamut of the garage pop realm in leass than forty minutes - perfectly timed...

Dead Ghosts is out now on Florida's Dying Records - get it here.

Dead Ghosts - When It Comes To You

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