Friday 29 April 2011

Black Angels Wake With The Phosgene Sweats

Texan psych rockers The Black Angels are busy busy busy! If touring the world in the wake of 3rd album Phosphene Dream and curating and playing in the 4th Austin Psych Fest this weekend isnt enough, a couple of weeks ago they dropped a limited edition 10”vinyl B-Sides collection titled Phosgene Nightmare on Blue Horizon Records in support of Record Store Day. Only 5000 copies of the record were made available. As it is a sneaky way of adding an epilogue to Phosphene Dream, its more than just a curio or a collectible, as the 6 tracks are pretty damn sweet. Supposedly these songs focus on the more poisonous side to life, yet I think it melds perfectly with everything the Black Angels have done in the past, and augers well for the future (especially the ephemeral swagger of dark swampy 70s stalker 'Ronettes'...)

The Black Angels - Ronettes

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