Sunday 3 April 2011

Splitting Up On The School Tour

Gerard Duffy, otherwise known as Irish DIY reverb addict and general layabout School Tour, has been rather busy since we last checked him out. He has been mucking around doing split releases with both Declan Q Kelly and Patrick Kelleher on Cass Flick Records. Its all about warping the fuck out of pop sensibilities and still trying to eke out as much warmth as possible. I like listening to this kind of stuff to see what can be mined from such a potentially alienating experiment. It doesnt always work - but then you get something like 'Body Of Water'...

And as an aside, School Tour is a massive fan of Thank You. So, thank you Thank You, and thank you School Tour!

School Tour - Body Of Water


  1. How do I say I like this? Cos I like it...School Tour, Paddy K and Declan Q Kelly are absolutely brilliant. Thank YOU.

  2. I think you have covered all the bases here. All three worthy musicians doing Irish DIY proud.