Wednesday 20 April 2011

Girlfriends hid Their Kids In The Cave

Ive got a lot of 7" and split talk to come over the next few weeks due to the radness that surrounds Record Store Day (although here in Brisbane we didnt get a lot of the sweet rare stuff, it was still good to get out and feel the vinyl love!).

First up is Boston's Girlfriends, who although their 7" Cave Kids/Eat Around The Bad Parts wasnt a RSD exclusive, its sales have picked up over the past week or so - as it should. The A side is decidedly swinging lo-fi garage sunniness, yet its familiarity belies the innate poppy catchiness of the track. And the production errs on the right side of fuzziness, meaning that the vocals are clearer whilst the instrumentation (including that twanging guitar solo) remains sepia-toned. Its a fantastic track, ably supported by 'Eat Around The Bad Parts', a more punk rock affair which sees them embracing 90s indie before they amble off into the hypercoloured sunset at the end.

Girlfriends - Cave Kids

Girlfriends - "Eat Around the Bad Parts" from THETAMAX EEG on Vimeo.

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