Thursday 28 April 2011

Long Time Since Clowning Around With Satan - But The Wait In Vegas Is Over

I have to say that I absolutely loved Death in Vegas' 2002 LP Scorpio Rising when it first came out - in fact I still think its an amazing album. The band has always strived to jump in as many spots as once though, and even though their immediate follow-up, Satan's Circus was a pretty good album, I felt that veering away from guest vocalists took away some of the charm that they had held for me in the beginning.

Well, the UK electronic psych duo arent giving much away about their 2011 release Trans-Love Energies, but we do have our first taste with 'Enforced Peace'. You can grab this track for free at their website - or you can just listen below. I personally like it, although am not sure on its longevity...still, as always, im interested to see what Mr Maguire and Mr Holmes bring to the table this time around...

Enforced Peace by Death In Vegas

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