Friday 1 April 2011

Friday Cover Up - Spending A Vacation With The Barstool Blues

Well, we havent had a Friday Cover Up for a little while...

Vacation is the bedroom project of one Wayne Memmer. Besides putting together a couple of EPs off his own bat (Tiny Bones And Wires and The Crazy Kind Of Love), with a EP of covers (covering artists such as Joanna Newsom, Guided By Voices, Bruce Springsteen and The Cure) and another original album, he has gotten some friends together (including Foxes In Fiction, Emily Reo and Teen Daze) to put out a Neil Young cover album. Being the Neil Young nut that I am, this is mind blowing news, regardless of the calibre of the artists involved. And as I can only say Ive heard Vacation only, its still good enough to make our Friday Cover Up podium!

Vacation - Barstool Blues (Neil Young cover)

Plus, here's a song from each of his albums, which you can get from his Bandcamp...

Vacation - Tiny Bones (from Tiny Bones And Wires)
Vacation - Anything For You (from The Crazy Kind Of Love)

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