Thursday 7 April 2011

Putting Rasberry Thighs Up On The Mantle

Got this 7" last week, its pretty ace. The Mantles are a San Fran garage band. I missed their self titled album of last year, but from all reports it had some major bite. They have put out stuff on both Mexican Summer and Siltbreeze over the past eighteen months. Raspberry Thighs is a bit of wax with 2 tracks of delectably dirty tracks on them. They are having a launch party tonight in their hometown with a bunch of local lads, including Wet Illustrated who we talked about here. Its one of the main reasons Ive been able to sit up til 1am reading about human territoriality (in fact, if any of you bizarrely have studied this obtuse field at some stage in your sorry lives, contact me - Im going cross-eyed from boredom, frustration and self-flagellation). I also just killed a huntsman's spider - its leg fell off. Time for bed. Fin.

Raspberry Thighs is available through SDZ Records (who also put out a cool Liminana's record...).

The Mantles - Raspberry Thighs

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