Friday 1 April 2011

Hold On To The Crunch In Idiosyncropolis

Ive had this bubbling away on the backburner for almost a month now, thats how intense the backlog of stuff I want to talk about has gotten! But its worth the wait Im sure...

Crunchholdoh out of Richmond VA are a band that have thrown their psych/noise at the wall on many occasions, with wildly varying results, a veritable Rorschach print of sonic bewilderment and malaise. On their latest album Idiosyncropolis, recorded on cassette tape in an abandoned art deco skyscraper in downtown Richmond, is the best example yet of what these guys are capable of when the planets align. There are elements of early Deerhunter in tracks like 'Woodstock '99' and 'Metasonic Compression Vocaliser' but there are much more experimental leanings going on here than just aping from their influences. There is ambiance, drone, psych pomp pop, chamber electric folk...uh huh, its eclectic all right. But its all done with verve - there is no pretension evident in these tracks - even the longer tracks seem like worth experiments rather than indulgent fluff. Crunchholdoh show real promise here.

Crunchholdoh - Holy Vacuum
Crunchholdoh -Woodstock '99

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