Friday 8 April 2011

A Prisoner For An Eternal Summer

I think that last year's Silver LP was one of the most underrated albums of the year - by us also - and that is such a disservice to its creators Eternal Summers. They proved they were adept and creative with their structuring of glistening and sharp guitar pop - if you haven't heard it, do so, its ace! - but the Virginians arent waiting for a cult following to develop! Instead they've put out Prisoner, a four track EP that ups the ante on their tempos, saccharine vocals and infectious hooks. I cant get enough - hopefully this will be the perfect impetus for the thawing of the cold winter into a beautiful, (yes...) endless summer. May also marks their US tour with The Beets - now that will be something to get along to...
Prisoner is out April 19 on Forest Family/Kanine Records - preorder it here.

Endless Summer - Childs Mind

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