Thursday 7 April 2011

Broken Water - Stars On The Peripheral...

I think that one of the most underrated bands of the past twelve months is definitely Olympia, Washington's Broken Water. I love love LOVE last year's Whet LP - it was one I didnt put in my top ten much to my chagrin, and should have been in there, not enough people havent heard it and should! (Here are two instances last year that I talked about this stellar album (count em, one...two...; plus a piece on their Nothing Normal Happened EP is here). Well they have brought us another release called Peripheral Star (out on Perennial Records) and it is fantastic! Opening with the title track, these tracks ebb and flow along the faultlines of grunge, no wave and pop, mining territory that early Blonde Redhead harvested before glamming up their production and arting up their vision - and the trio are producing far more impressive results. I cant even decide on a favourite track. Ive listened to this pretty much non stop since getting it last week. Its been the punctuation marks between all the other albums and releases that have set down on Planet Masala (and that's including the new Panda Bear, Ponytail, Young Widows and Lil Daggers albums).

I implore you - please get into these guys ASAP and buy this! They're a must!

Broken Water - Peripheral Star
Broken Water - Kansas

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