Thursday 14 April 2011

The Beets Are Dead...

I love The Beets. Remember how I didnt, but now I do? Yeah, it happens. I could always swing back - who knows right? But for now they kill. Their second LP Stay Home (on Captured Tracks) is as awesome as you'd expect, and 'Dead' just confirms it. This is my fave lo-fi garage album of the year thus far, and as you well know there have been many! The best thing about Stay Home too is that they have cleaned up the sound but kept it decidedly lo-fi, which is the best way to have it! This is how The Beets were designed to sound - unless that is you get to see them live, and if you are in the US over the next three months there's a good chance you'll get that opportunity! They are on a national tour with the also brilliant Eternal Summers, and will be joined occasionally by other rad acts such as X-Ray Eyeballs, Brilliant Colors and Crystal Stilts. So, listen to the album, but dont heed The Beets' advice - get out of bed, out of the house, into the garage, and rock!

The Beets - Dead

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