Thursday 21 April 2011

Blood Pressure Will Kill You Dead

Perennial swampy sleazy bluesers The Kills have come at us in 2011 with another album, Blood Pressures. 'Future Starts Slow' is the perfect opener and indicator that despite the various goings-ons in the dynamic duo's life outside the band, that when Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart lock horns, dirty magic happens. Its brooding beauty only hints at what's in store though, for when 'Satellite' comes out at you it will lure you in and do all sorts of depraved lustful things to you, with or without your consent. It is possibly the best number the band have put down yet, and clearly demonstrates both Mosshart's journey with Jack White as The Dead Weather and Hince's disturbing audacity at warping particular blues tropes. There is slinkiness in tracks such as 'Nail In My Coffin' and 'You Don't Own The Road' that comes from their expansion of sound denoted in last album Midnight Boom, whilst 'DNA' and 'Baby Says' delves even further back into their oeuvre, yet never going back into the muck that highlighted first release Keep On your Mean Side. However it is the softer centre of things that really evokes the new maturity of this demonic duo - 'Wild Charms' and 'The Last Goodbye' offering simple arrangements and naked vocal accoutrements from both of these anti-heroes.

There seems to be a lot of haters on this record recently - but dont read into that. Blood Pressures is the best thing The Kills have done yet, and they are deserved of any and all praise, adulation and idolatry that their wicked charms enamours out of us.

Blood Pressures is out now through Domino Records.

The Kills - Satellite

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