Tuesday 5 April 2011

Drown The Years In Hollandaise

Earlier this year I fell in love with San Diego outfit Wet Years and their woozy gem 'No Surf', still one of my favourite tracks of the year thus far (read what I thought of it here). Now along comes 'Hollandaise', touted as the sister song of 'No Surf', and whilst not AS good its still pretty great. Wet Years just have a great rolling rhythm that is so infectious that I cant help but rock around to the incessant beat, making me look fairly ridiculous, but do you think I really care when the music is this good? Nuh uh.

You can also purchase their first physical release, their Sleepy Cove cassette here - please do, it is fantastic! Furthermore they promise more DIY releases as the year crawls forward - Im so happy right now...

Wet Years - Hollandaise
Wet Years - No Surf

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