Friday 29 April 2011

Friday Cover Up - Royal Fuck Ups

Jesus! Its taken them a long fucking time, but finally that inbred twat and his "common" ladyfriend are hitched to the hilt. Yeah yeah yeah, maybe they ARE nice people, but I dont give a shit - Im just glad we can go back to revelling in our own shitty lives in peace now.

Actually, the royal wedding wasnt all bad. It made me realise that most royalists are stake-worthy, and that my life is infinitely better than being a toff that has to drink tea from bone china and do "charity work". Or be the "bad boy" who is constantly chastised just because you might be a rabble rouser. Or have red hair. Or be the illegitimate offspring of an ill-advised tryst. Whatever - living in my hovel doesn't seem so bad anymore...

But finally, it also has me rocking out to this gem. Why? Well, even though its pretty close to the original, its still good, and it had me thinking... Im just hoping that we dont have a like mother like son situation where Will starts employing a paranoid drunkard as his chauffeur...what do you mean, too soon?

Deftones - Drive (The Cars cover)

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