Friday 22 April 2011

Friday Cover Up..Becca Does It For Her Girls (Except Kate Middleton...)

Wow, the royal wedding is almost upon us. Now Will and Kate are probably great people, but really - who gives a shit, right? Except for the above kicks, which pretty much own...

Ive probably annoyed half the readership, but for the two of you who can't give one eight of a fuck about an archaic symbol of imperial decimation, then Ill probably piss you off anyway with this, today's Friday Cover Up...

Becca Stevens is a New York-based singer, composer and instrumentalist whose debut for Sunnyside Records Weightless came out on Tuesday. In addition to eight original compositions, the album features interpretations of songs by Iron & Wine, Seal, and the Smiths. Most importantly, she has also covered Animal Collective's 'My Girls' from 2009's Merriweather Post Pavilion. Its a generally folky number, but I think its a nice cover and ticks the boxes that Paul set down what seems like eons ago - that it take on all the goodness of the original and yet do enough to make it in turn an original song.

Or you could think it sucks worse than a prostitute's baby's pacifier.

Either way, Im gonna hang in the sun with booze at my disposal, listen to some amazing toons, and preferably not be within a sniper rifle's range of a pro-royal. So do whatever you want, really. See you on Sunday with some Easter goodies!

Becca Stevens - My Girls (Animal Collective cover)

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  1. Anonymous24/4/11 07:52

    how dare this bitch cover animal collective. she raped a fucking masterpiece.