Tuesday 9 March 2010

A semi QOTSA reunion - over a pre-teen bar room killer?

To continue my rather unexpected theme of hard rock bands and their affiliations with disturbing cinema, I just stumbled on this trailer for a short film coming out in a few weeks' time. The film, Frame 137, is based on a graphic story from James O'Barr, the creator of The Crow and inadvertant co-creator of many a faux S&M/goth/emo poseur. The music - constructed by none other than Nick Olivieri and Dave Grohl, who havent been seen together since the Songs For The Deaf sessions of the 'golden age' of Queens Of The Stone Age. Seeing that both left the band after this, and Josh Homme's outfit has had varying degrees of success since, it might be safe to say that these two provided the killer rhythm section to drive forth some of the most visceral stoner rock ever. Now that the two are collaborating on the soundtrack of Frame 137, is there any hope for something more? Anyway, get a snippet of it on the below teaser trailer. Oh, and how does the film look? Make up your own mind - Im not sure how good it will be, but having a 10 year old eviscerate a bar room full of sleazy ruffians, even setting one alight by spitting alcohol on them and lighting it, means it will be...full on...

Frame 137 Teaser from Judd L. Tilyard on Vimeo.

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