Sunday 21 March 2010

Back To The Future

Scotland indie music is full of fare that are varying degrees of doom and gloom - or so the critics would have you believe. And they are differing degrees of quality - for every Twilight Sad, you get a Glasvegas. So I was rather surprised when Glasgow-via-Edinburgh's We Were Promised Jetpacks' new EP The Last Place You'll Ever Look crossed my desk. The name struck fear into my heart - shit, do we have another musically talented but socially and personally vapid bunch like...I dont know, Glasvegas? All worries were promptly dispelled however - the EP is an accomplished affair, and somewhat rare - at this point in time the lads only plan to physically put it out as a tour only offer, although it will become available digitally in due course. They have now piqued my interest - the quality on show here highlights why they are supporting the likes of Frightened Rabbit - and worth your while to check em out.

We Were Promised Jetpacks - A Far Cry

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