Tuesday 16 March 2010

This Bender Echoes...

Ive been intending to post about the Morning Benders since I received their Big Echo LP some weeks ago. It is quite brilliant. In only the third month of 2010, I already have a bevy of brilliant albums kicking around my headspace - Fang Island has been a particular favourite - but Big Echo may just be pipping them all. Their big sunny dreamy slacker surf pop anthems are a true antidote to a lot of the 'downer' music that is in vogue at the moment - and also (almost) washes the bad taste out of the mouth that is Vampire Weekend or Weezer's Raditude. I want my indie pop to shimmer, radiate, enrapture, infiltrate. I want to tap my toes and move my head unknowingly. I want to wake up in the morning, look out at a sunny vista, put on the headphones and know that today is going to be a fucking awesome day. Morning Benders will do all that for you with Big Echo, in spades. No hangover - just drinks in the park, in the sun, all day every day.

PLUS - the rumours are that these guys will be hitting our shores in the midst of summer Festivus madness - I wouldnt want it any other way!

Morning Benders - Excuses

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