Wednesday 3 March 2010

Lightning strikes twice

Back in the dark cold days of December a miracle occurred. My friend Louise was struck down by a terrible dose of hard-core flu. So poorly was she that it crossed her mind to "not go" to the Lightning Bolt gig at the Dome, Archway, we had purchased tickets for. Luckily for Louise she attended the excellent gig and with the help of six pints of finest north London Guinness, was miraculously cued by the onslaught that is Lightning Blot live. Now if only I could get that on prescription...

Sounds... Lightning Bolt - Funny Farm



  1. A great night, ably supported by Pens and Drum Eyes. Lightning Bolt fucking rock - even using an inconsiderate punter's head as a cymbal - brilliant!

  2. It was Rhode Island's Marvellous Medicine indeed. Shame this particular prescription isn't always available eh?
    (BTW Brendan it was Chops, not Pens, who were on first.)


  3. Thats right! Sorry about that.