Thursday 4 March 2010

6 Degrees of Sonic Youth #6 - Dead Meadow

And so concludes my 6 degrees experiment. Basically via a few cursory linked searches Ive opened myself to 4 new slices of music (new YOPB collective, Society's Ills, Sweet Apple, Imaad Wasif), 1 reacquaintance (Violent Soho), and now this last one. Ah, Dead Meadow... How you've coloured many a marijuana-fuelled evening, eating nachos and killing aliens on The Thing or Silent Hill 2 on XBox... A 'friend' of my sister's reckoned that you can only enjoy Dead Meadow on acid. Not entirely true -but it would surely help! This guys are unabashedly a throwback to the drug haze droning rock of the 70s, and have put out some amazing LPs to boot (although their last, Old Growth, was nothing compare to Shivering Kings & Others and Feathers...). What excited me most about this, and why it has made the list of 6, is that they are touring with Imaad Wasif in tow - and are coming to London in May! (Although I will not get to see them - long story, must not grumble...) They are about to release new album The Three Kings, which is also a film and soundtrack...

"DEAD MEADOW's forthcoming THE THREE KINGS is a full-length, old-school concert movie with soundtrack. The film consists of live footage from a 2009 LA show intermingled with "vignettes that abstractly depict themes of corruption, destruction and rebirth".

As long as this doesnt turn into a Song Remains The Same overhyped, overrated weird fest (except for John Bonham on horseback - genius...), consider me excited. Enjoy one of the few good cuts from their last album, and the video for upcoming single, That Old Temple.

Dead Meadow - Hard People/Hard Times

Dead Meadow "That Old Temple" from Artificial Army on Vimeo.

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