Tuesday 23 March 2010

Let the Leaf Tell the Story

The Album Leaf have been a stalwart of the post-rock/folk/art trail for many years and many releases now. The brainchild of Jimmy LaValle, Album Leaf have been very prolific, releasing all kinds of LPs, EPs, singles, remixes... Their latest, A Chorus of Storytellers, continues their journey of folktronic introspectiveness. Whilst he has carved his niche into the sonic specturm and doesnt have to offer anything new, the album still strives to offer more, with Sigur Ros-consigned swirling etherealness and Explosions in the Sky-like spidery guitarwork transcending the simplistic compositions on display.

They are also playing at the prestigious Bush Hall tonight - hope you have some tickets burnt into those clammy hands of yours! (Unless you are going to Thee Mt Silver Zion at the Electric Ballroom - in that case, more than fair enough - if not, then any excuse is no excuse!!!)

Album Leaf - Stand Still

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