Tuesday 2 March 2010

6 Degrees of Sonic Youth #1 - Yoko Ono Plastic Band

Im a little behind the 8 ball here - first slow on the uptake with Mogwai's first podcast, now this - Thurston Moore and Kim Gordon jamming with Yoko Ono?!? Well its happening. Moore and Gordon are temporarily a part of Ono's Plastic Band, as the below clip attests. Its shot at a rehearsal at Brooklyn's Academy of Music a couple weeks ago. Two memorable nights ensued (so I can imagine), including a section where Ono, Gordon and Moore played as a trio! We really missed an occasion to see some great creative minds come together...

And as will be the trend for the next few pieces today, there are tenuous links to all of them via the almighty power that is Sonic Youth.

NB - Im laid up in bed with a bad back, so Sonic Youth appears to be the only thing with the requisite powers to get me through the day...

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