Monday 15 March 2010

Where Shakespeare meets the American Civil War

Jersey's Titus Andronicus have reached ambitiously for the stars on their second LP, The Monitor. With a running theme of the American Civil War (a bloody theme that certainly has ties with their moniker, taken from the incredibly violent Shakespearean play of the same name), the band have strived hard to expand upon their propensity to display their literary influences whilst rocking out with distorted guitar interplay and punk vocals. They have had to weather both 'Next Big Thing' status and the disdain that comes with such a title, and are now ready to unleash themselves on their own terms. Its a great cohesive effort, and where in other hands may have been an unconsidered mess, The Monitor, regardless of its collective theme, is a great rollicking record.

Titus Andronicus - A More Perfect Union

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