Wednesday 31 March 2010

Holiday Father

I don't know why I've sat on this since Jan and not posted, maybe its 'cos I'm a dick. Any ways there's this dude going by the name of Vacation Dad and his story is just gutting.

They say that recession is a good thing for music and maybe, yes, without the hard shit Vacation Dad wouldn't of put out tunes that frankly warm the cockles of your soul. They soar like a bird playing in the summer breeze, like a joyous sigh of an innocent escape. There's a weight to VD's tunes but you could lift them with your little finger, they move you with just a breath, like the wind from a falling tree.

In essence its lovely stuff that makes me want to run around fields in the sun. And Vacation Dad has put together a whole album of the stuff! You can get it here and his myspace is here. I hope the lad gets signed, he deserves it. Here's the story in his own words, and his sound track to accompany it.

Vacation Dad - Hemp Scented Body Lotion

"i started flirting with this girl
she was married
then we sex in a tent one thing led to the other
we dated for a while
then we broke up cause i suck
then i got laid off cause the economy is bad
i had a real job one with
and wood
and hammers
and nails
and forklifts
and racism
i recorded this to make myself feel good

i am in love with zachary zimmerman
these songs are about his body


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