Friday 19 March 2010

Friday cover up

It's Friday, so time for a cover. I have to admit a good indie cover is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine, so each Friday, just because, I'm going to pop a 'good' indie cover version. Now it could be debatable that the indie cover version is anything but cheesy, so I have some simple principles to what defines a 'good indie cover song'.

1. The cover must be of a recognizable song, otherwise, what's the point?
2. The covering band must add something to the track that the original never had, otherwise, again, what's the point?
3. And finally, it's got to be fun. No one likes a band taking a cover too seriously, 'cos then they're just like those shit cover bands down the local pub who think they're God's gift to music. Genius never rubs off.

So to kick us off below is a excellent example of a great indie cover, from the much missed Dustin's Bar Mitzvah (subject of future post, I promise). Thank fuck its Friday, enjoy!

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - Dustin's Bar Mitzvah

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