Monday 8 March 2010

Nice the face!

I know next to nothing about this band:

  • They (or possibly he - I can only find reference of the one guy) are (is) from the USA;
  • Citing some of their (his) song titles (Situation Is Facing Annihilation; FUBAR Over You; Gaping Gash) Nice Face are (is) quite confrontational;
  • The cover art of some of their (his) 7" releases include drawings of a veiny cock, and a guy with a sport sock over his cock;
  • Their (His) cassette release of 2008, Can I Fuck It?, was an unqualified success;
  • Their (His) music, an amalgam of sonic scuzzy shitness and ghostly reverb vocals, references acts such as HEALTH and The Monks;
  • They (He) has a properly produced album, Immer Etwas, is coming out soon (via Sacred Bones Records), which the below track is off.
Hmmm. I guess I have found out a bit. Nevertheless, all I REALLY have is what Ive heard. And what Ive heard, Ive liked.

Nice Face - I Want Your Damage

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