Tuesday 19 October 2010

Jesu Rings The Seven Bells

Another great remix by Justin K Broadrick, otherwise known as Jesu (nowadays - he is, of course, a member of Godflesh, the seminal industrial band from Birmingham that pretty much singlehandedly crafted the industrial metal and post-metal genres. Jesu's focus has been more in the ambient side of industrial drone, thus creating beauty out of brutality. His albums continue to grow in stature, and despite the reformation of Godflesh and their appearance at next week's Supersonic Festival alongside Napalm Death and Swans, Jesu strives to tip the popularity of his famous forebear.

One added string to Jesu's bow has been his remix work - his new viewpoint on some of Explosions In The Sky's tracks was revelatory. And here he is again, lending a heavily textured hand to sonic psych poppers Schools of Seven Bells and their track 'Face To Face On High Places', from their latest album Alphinisms. Washing the track with harder synth, beats and guitar lines, somehow the final mix doesnt drag, rather it allows the track to ascend into another realm. You can find this track on the My Cabal EP.
Finally, Hydra Head Records are re-releasing Jesu' first EP Heart Ache along with some demo tracks as a 2 LP vinyl collection. We will keep you posted on that one.

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