Thursday 7 October 2010

Death Vally, Comanechi and Divorce

Dalston's riotous punk-metal duo Comanechi and Glasgow's Divorce have just finished a tour together. Gutted I've been a bit slow on this one 'cos I'm sure that the combination of that much screaming punk madness would have ripped the Hoxton Bar and Grill a new arsehole. They also fitted in an Oxford date courtesy of the excellent Poor Girl Noise, although I'm sure the PGN lads can handle Comanechi and Divorce with bevvies to spare.

To top the tour off the bands have released a split 10", purchase here, and in a lovely break in convention the 10" includes a track recorded by both bands together, a version of Sonic Youth's legendary Death Vally 69, or Dv69 as Comanechi and Divorce have entitled it. Its one to grate your collective spines, for sure.

Comanechi and Divorce - Dv69

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