Thursday 14 October 2010

Break On Thru To The Other Side

Today is a special, momentous day for us here in the Sonic Masala offices (AKA our respective squats...), therefore there is only room for this wee post.

New York station Breakthru Radio saw fit to include us as their special guests for today's The Anatomy Of A Blogger! Which is amazing, and hugely flattering - we are fledgling, barely potty trained, so to be recognised across the pond is pretty mindblowing. Hear Brendan fumble his way through basic questions! Immerse yourself in an hour of unadulterated SM sound as their playlist is aired! (Which took Paul and I so many hours to construct - there were many versions, one of which may still make the light of day in the upcoming months...)

Its exciting, and a bit of vindication that we are doing ok, and people are enjoying what we enjoy. But it is only the beginning.

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  1. Which took Paul and "me" so many hours to construct.....that is.