Friday 1 October 2010

Peepholes' Kingdom

Brighton's Peepholes have just dropped 12" Kingdom this week as part of Upset the Rhythm's split series, shared with a.P.A.t.T.

The Brighton duo have taken to more drone stylings since their last outing Lair which only dropped back in March on Hungry For Power. But split 12" Kingdom forms a joyous electronic fuzz box of droning noise that billows like wind in a gusting storm from one track to the next. The tribal undertones come from light hearted crashing drums and playful, chanting vocals that squeal into life. Each jam half bashes, half tickles its way into your grinning head.

The whole E.P builds to Carnivore, a seven minute jam of teeth shattering fuzz and reverb, layer upon layer building a wall of bubbling synth spray, with only hollered vocals to guide you. Ever stuck your fingers in a socket in a snow storm? Well you have now.

Peepholes have a string of live dates across London coming up including a show with other SM favorites Gently Friendly (I couldn't imagine a better pairing) at the Old Blue Last tomorrow. Buy the split 12" here and check the show details here.

Peepholes - Airforce Trainer

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