Tuesday 26 October 2010

Dorena Know Everything - And More...

Sweden's post rock five-piece Dorena have been making sweet vocal-optional music since 2007. Latest LP About Everything And More is in many ways the Post Rock Handbook of albums - interweaving shimmering guitars, simple yet intricate rhythm section, the building up of emotive tension through the slow increase in sound until the whole thing cascades in abject noise...but what they have also harnessed is the innate ability to embrace and express particular emotions through song passages. I am a post rock/instrumental rock tragic, so this was right up my alley, but there is some leeway here for the unconverted - from the synth pop feyness and deeper vocal variant of Sigur Ros of 'From The Window Of My Room', and the staccato beats and sawing effects of 'We'll Never Meet This Young Again.' In fact, despite the raucousness of a few tracks like 'At Sea', there is more of a sense of fun in Dorena's output that is missing in most post rock circles - post-rock-pop? This alone marks them as an interesting band to watch.

About Everything And More is out now on Deep Elm Records.

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