Wednesday 6 October 2010

These Shimmering Ideas Arrest

Let me tell you, straight off the bat - typing 'ladycop' into Google images brings some amazingly bizarre returns, so any posts after this one based on these guys will be off the wall...

Ladycop are a Brooklyn four piece who are adament that indie rock can still be - well, interesting. My first listen of 'Idea Maker' was one of quiet admiration - the shimmering dynamics of the guitar and soft vocals was a nice blend to the mesmerising one-take music clip accompanying it. They add a certain pensiveness to their songs that leaves you on edge, waiting for the whole composition to implode and self destruct. Listening to other tracks like 'Julien' has them embracing 90s indie more emphatically, whilst 'I Just Felt Like Anyone Else' swims in waters somewhere between. So Im finding Ladycop to not be as arresting as I first imagined (oh, the punnage!), but still intriguing enough to give them more of a listen.

Which is lucky really, because they grace the Old Blue Last next week after spending dates flitting around the UK countryside. Keep an eye out for em.

Ladycop "Idea Maker" from Charred Oak Films on Vimeo.


  1. Anonymous8/10/10 12:49

    If you get a chance, take a listen to some of the deeper cuts on the record like Missing Stoned, A Celebration, or Laura, Tell me Once Again. They're considerably stranger and more experimental than the singles you reviewed.


  2. Anonymous3/1/11 17:20

    LADYCOP left Ny last night for their US tour in their vegetable oil run bus!!!!! Check them out America!