Thursday 28 October 2010

Drawing Swords On White Chords

These New Puritans are one of the UK's almost best kept secrets - their skewed take on dark electronica/noise is something to behold. However, from all intents and purposes they are yet to fully capture that textural sound live - at least when in front of me at least.

DEFINITELY one of the UK's best kept secrets - but not for long Im sure - is Forest Swords. His slow burning electronic dirges are entrancing, and his Dagger Paths release is still my favourite for EP of the year.

Now you can see these two together, almost as they were meant to be. Forest Swords and swathed TNP's 'White Chords' with his glacial menace, and it heightens the track exponentially. This would be a fantastic double act - and just maybe the Essex dark perfectionists might strike the right balance with a like mind in tow...

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