Monday 4 October 2010

They Don't Know Unless You Tell Them

FSS put out a nice lil sampler a little while back, titled They Dont Know Unless You Tell Them. Its a true showcase of what FSS has to offer, namely noise, ambient noise, static white noise, noise (insert type here)core and noisy rock. Bruce FSS loves his noise, what can I tell you! And so does Sonic Masala, so you'd be right in guessing that we love this sampler, introducing us to sprawling static specialists A Story Of Rats, the dark ambience of Interbellum, and the industrial roar of Grief No Absolution. However, as Ive already thrown my full backing behind Dead Meat (see here), there are more structurally 'mainstream' (EXTREMELY loose use of that term here though...) bands on display also. So here were my highlights, in a brief synopsis a la the Tough Love sampler review from the weekend...

No Anchor - I had to start with these guys. From my hometown of Brisbane, Australia, this three piece are raw and powerful - and are getting noticed. Having played with other Brissy underground brilliance merchants Turnpike, Dick Nasty and Del Toro, as well as doom maestros Grey Daturas, this month they support The Boredoms in their only stand-alone concert Down Under - well done boys.

Dead Meat - monikered along with about a million other bands, most of which suck serious arse, these San Fran miscreants are well and truly on my radar - we're trying to get them over to the UK, to seriously destroy. They are also doing their biggest support slot to date, propping up Scream later this month.

Wrnlrd - one of the most eclectic and prolific bands in black metal, Wrnlrd have released eighth (I think...could be higher) LP Myrmidon, and all standard and no-so-standard implements are applied - including banjo and fiddle. Their influences include Bathory...and the Shangri-las. Weird, yet darkly wonderful.
A Story Of Rats - another eclectic dude, who comes from the 'northwest plateau of the United States'. Has created some nice crawling atmospherics. Worth a look.

Interbellum - a producer and engineer by trade, what is created here is some dark and haunting ambient chamber music brilliance - is capable of some great compositions.
Grief No Absolution - incredibly dark noise drone a la Sunn O)))) and Earth - yet to me has more substance (although LOVED Sunn O))))'s last LP, loved it!), unrelenting, delves into the darkest of winter months and drags you even deeper.

Caves - a dirty black metal band from NYC that create actual innovative soundscapes of darkness. Im not a black metal fan, and Caves wont turn me on this fact - but they gave it their best shot, Satan bless 'em.

And here are a couple of tracks to give you the idea of what to expect. Flingco Sound System are giving this away over at their site, so go get it!

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