Sunday 17 October 2010

Deerhoof - The Greater Good...

I guess it has to be said that Deerhoof are an acquired taste. You have your supporters, who are enraptured with the tight coil of terse boppy fun ties down some amazingly precise drumming in the live arena, and cant get enough of the punchy quirks that this threesome doles out with gay abandon. Then there are others who cant stand Satomi Matsuzaki's Eastern pixie vocals, or the intentionally frenetic nature of their music. One of my friends thinks the vocals are like a drowning cat, that should be shot. Hmmm...

But I think that both camps might agree that the band's aesthetics lends itself to major indie label status, which is what these guys have done - with Kill Rock Stars and now ATP Recordings (and Polyvinyl Records?). There is a real love affair with ATP and Deerhoof - they have done many shows together, culminating in May's entire performance of the very impressive Milk Man album. Leading into this though will be the release of their 11th (?) album, Deerhoof Vs Evil, early next year. First impressions? They are solidifying their sound, then projecting it onto a larger sonic canvas. Its sounding bigger, although it is still the same organic force driving forth. I never listened to last year's Offend Maggie, and have love/hate relationships with previous efforts The Runners Four and Friend Opportunity, but 'The Merry Barracks' is a great number. Ill be queueing up to see them come 2011...


  1. I didn't know there were people who didn't heart deerhoof. And you haven't listened to Offend Maggie? Really?

  2. Yes there are - and no I havent. I should amend this, Im guessing?

  3. Yes as soon as possible!