Friday 1 October 2010

Its Alright, Its OK...

...its comin together in relative ways, yeah...

Just a vid to finish off the week. I feel that ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead news has been light on the ground, and seeing as they are one of my favourite bands, and this track has managed to entrench itself in my mind since Tuesday, despite the best efforts by the likes of Neil Young and Nick Cave to usurp it. So here it is - 'Relative Ways' from the brilliant Source Tags And Codes.

I'm now off to a job interview, then will either be drunk on booze and disappointment, or high on life...and booze. AFL grand final at 4.30am too - not the biggest fan, but I am Aussie and I should live up to a couple of stereotypes - like getting smashed on a Saturday morning... But the weekend holds much for you, with new bands such as Sauna Youth, Crippled Black Phoenix and Headless Horseman and beguiling songsmiths like Jenny Gillespie to get your heads around. Get listenin, get commentin, get lovin. See you on Monday.

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