Saturday 16 October 2010

A Sideways Smile Wont Keep Us Away

Animal Collective acolytes Keepaway keep on with their surreptitious leaking of songs every couple of months, continuously goading us with tantalising treats before retreating into the multicoloured yonder from which they came, leaving us rendered blind and salivating in their wake. They have done it again with 'Sideways Smile', apparently to be a part of an upcoming digital-only release called KOMPETITOR - and I think this may be their best slice of jittery pop yet! It has those AnCo stylings, particularly with certain vocal stylings and the digital squiggles in the first third, but then there it runs off on its own, a freed beast with subversive tropical beats, sudden bursts of guitar blasts and echoed call and response, before a quasi epic outro. Its a sweet song, well constructed and dangerously infectious. These guys just keep on turning up the heat, and have one hand firmly clasped on 'Hottest New Band of 2010' here at SM...

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