Sunday 3 October 2010

I forgot how much I need a Super Vacation

I'm going to be honest and say I've had The Super Vacations new L.P Thicker Milk, out on Shdwply Records, sat on top of my stereo for a week or so and I hadn't listened to it in its entirety till now. Shame on me 'cos its a cracker.

If bluesy slacker surf garage punk is your kind of bag then The Super Vacations should tick all the boxes. Think Austin's The Strange Boys or the Kinks hanging out on the beach too long, with too much sand in between their toes. In fact there is a whole 50's style reverb drenched rock 'n' roll feel to The Super Vacations sound. The Virginia five piece might be lo-fi and the L.P may sprawl over twenty tracks but there is a tight-knit pop feel to every jam, even if they disguise the real quality of songwriting under murky production, it just makes you listen harder and repeatedly. You work so they don't have to. C'mon, dip your toe in. Taste below.

The Super Vacations - Be Glad

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