Saturday 2 October 2010

The Kindest of Productions, The Straightest of Lines

Its been a bit of a cozy down-by-the-fire Bridgetown Records love in this week - and Im not apologising - sometimes excessive public displays of affection are warranted, all right! Anyway, this is the last one of the week, and like the last four or so bands we've covered, this one is something special.

Kindest Lines are a three piece from New Orleans whose shimmering shoegaze is bathed in an 80s synth and ethereal vocals - its achingly beautiful. With incredibly crisp production, the single 'Hazy Haze' sweeps all cobwebs away from your brain, crystallises your past/present/future, and squeezes your tear ducts for good measure.

Debut EP is available over at Bridgetown Records now.

Kindest Lines - Hazy Haze from WIERD Records on Vimeo.

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