Tuesday 5 October 2010

I Wont Go Down With This Soft Ship

Did you like the headline? A play on a Dido lyric - how so droll... I have a soft spot for Dido anyway, but that is for another time and place. Im here to thrust upon you The Soft Pack's newie, 'Gagdad', a epic (for them) jam supposedly about a sinking ship. Its on a 7" that you can only get on their tour dates, half of which is a co-headlining act with the inimitable Kurt Vile. This kinda sucks for us here over the pond, but at least we get to hear this track, which is slower, a little moodier, and pretty damn good.

NB. My friends (and now you, faithful Sonic Masala-ers) know my passive aggression towards The Soft Pack, and are thus perplexed at this post. It is because I like them on record - I think their brand of garage rock is quite good - but they will be forever marred by what can only be called an insipid, lacklustre performance at last year's Breeders curated All Tomorrow's Parties. I preferred to eat a corn cob and chat to some Heartless Bastards at the merch stand, which was cool and infinitely more worthwhile. That said - this song is good. SO enjoy!

The Soft Pack - Gagdad

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