Tuesday 26 October 2010

Evolution Is A Lie

Liars continue to pursue world domination in order to turn us all into their adulatory slaves - and that seems fine to us. Their Proud Evolution EP starts off reaffirming the brilliance of their imagined Sisterworld, complete with Thom York's reinterpretation of the titular track and a vivid reworking of it live at Shepherds Bush Empire. All of this is superfluous to all true Liars fans - surely you own the first two and have seen them play it live, infinitely better than hearing a live track? No, its the three B-sides that are the true reason to grab this release, and its a very good reason. 'Come Now', 'Total Frown' and 'Strangers' are crawlers, stepping away from their stark post-punk and delving into their Gothic art pop, ratcheting up the tension heightened by lead Angus Andrew's low murmurs and haunting wails.

Liars are treating us with another visit in November too (the 6th, at Heaven), so you can become an acolyte to the Liars underworld too...

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