Monday 25 October 2010

Beatles Wordplay Causes MBV Dejavu

Ringo Deathstarr. OK, so this does elicit some little sniggers. But its not the best moniker a band could go under. It just comes across as novelty. Think back - Test Icicles? Boo... I mentioned it recently about ace Boston band Soccer Mom too, although I think they have some major potential. And so do these Austin, Texas kids. 'Imagine Hearts' will be on LP Colour Trip, which wont be out til February next year through AC30. They also have some clout with their current scheduled tours - supporting SM faves ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Death, as well as The Wedding Present in their upcoming November UK tour. And then there is the quality of their music. They are definitely coloured with the Kevin Shields palette, and are unashamed about it. They do inject it with some nice psych nous too. So Im excited about their upcoming tour and album release - and maybe the idea of a Beatle able to destroy planets will become more palatable over time too, eh?

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