Monday 13 December 2010

When A Luftwaffe Creates A Scattered Summer...

The term Luftwaffe doesnt usually inspire confidence, what with the connotations with raining terror on the boroughs of London whilst a large bunch of people of a Jewish persuasion are being made to have rather unconventional shower breaks...

But the term generally means air force, and Philadelphia's Luftwaffe have created a 7" that positively soars in its shaky dreampop. Their own take on their sound is as "swampy, scattered pop music". Not sure about the swampy part, but as far as scattered pop is concerned, they arent far off. Each of the 3 tracks on Quiet Summer come and go effortlessly, as if the listener is in a heat-induced stupor, reclining in the shade of a weeping willow as a light breeze ruffles the cuffs of your trousers. 'Never Let You Go' is the standout track in my opinion, sounding like a lackadaisical Animal Collective that is more organic and stoned in its thought processes - its quite beautiful. And with the EP passing you by under 10 minutes, you know that in such a state that your response will be to play it again. And again.

Quiet Summer can be gleaned from their site here.

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