Tuesday 21 December 2010

Dont Rush To Relax When You've Pissed Your Jeans

This isnt exactly new - I heard it first about a month ago, and the 7" has been floating around since - but I only just got it in my sole possession on Friday, so I think it high time we talk. Pissed Jeans, those dirty purveyors of hardcore sleaze like no other, put out this amazing two song release that has me salivating for a full length like no tomorrow. But not content to just bait us with the electric 'Sam Kinison Woman', the B-side is 'The L Word', a 5 minute leering crawl of self-loathing where over collosal grimy riffs Matt Korvette howls the line "Love is the word I use to describe the way I feel inside" - its epic, relentless, and grin-inducing. The jaw-dropping moment though comes at the three minute, fifty second mark - where the lyric is slurred and drawled by none other than Brendan Suppression from ace Aussie garage punks Eddy Current Suppression Ring! The two acts have become tight since touring the US together - fuck, what an amazing gig that would have been!!! - and ECSR make a guest appearance here. This usurps The Bronx's Matt Caughthran appearing with Kong on 'Count To Nine' earlier this year, hands down. This is a worthy 7" to own, so head over and buy it!!!

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