Thursday 16 December 2010

Tjutjuna Come Out Of The Woods

Denver's Tjutjana (the name comes from a humanoid creature apparently residing in Siberia that may be the Missing Link) have released their eponymous debut on Fire Talk (run by a guy from Woodsman, another rad psych band we spoke about here), and it is rollicking. What? Psych + rollicking? Yep. These guys arent afraid to take their trips with an extra helping of bad, which might come organically - they live in the mountains of Colorado, so fresh air and all that? - or there might be more chemically aligned alchemy at work. All's I know is that each of these songs - from the slowly coalescing into volcanic ash opener 'Mosquito Hawk', to 9 minute mindbending balls out rocker 'Rise/Set', to sonic march stomper 'Bottle Kids' - doesnt carve a niche in the ever burgeoning psych market as it bludgeons its way to the front of the queue, spewing forth multicoloured rays of abrasive hallucinogens in its wake. This is a great, great record - get your itchy trigger fingers on it (and the other rad releases Fire Talk have to offer) here.

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