Monday 20 December 2010

Sonic Masala's Fave 7"'s of 2010!

So here it is, the first of our own Sonic Masala best of lists. We do love our lists here, as you can see. And whilst the run of collaborators have kept us amused with their derring do and cavalier ways of looking at the world, when it came to my turn to turn the dial back on the year that was and select the best 7"'s of 2010 I found it extremely difficult. My first run through came at 44 releases! And knowing I have about 10 posts to write tonight for the week ahead before winging it to the Lincolnshire hinterland, I was more than a little nervous. So the end result may miss a couple of gems, but overall I think its indicative of the output that we snavvled up, drank in and fell in love with. So, with no further ado (and no particular order) I give you -

Sonic Masala's Fave 7" of 2010

Pissed Jeans - Sam Kinison Woman

Gum Takes Tooth - Yellow Mustard

Cold Pumas - Beat Mystery

Wooden Shjips - Drunk Girls

Mogwai/Fuck Buttons - Fear Satan/Colours Move

Cults - Go Outside

Crystal Stilts - Shake The Shackles

Luftwaffe - Quiet Summer

Civil Civic - 1

Woven Bones - Ive Gotta Get

Eternal Summers - Pogo

Robedoor - Pacific Drift

Boom Bang - Bummer Camp

Foot Village - Lovers With Iraqis

Blur - Fools Day

Iowa - Lose Yourself

Let us know what you think! Tomorrow - our favourite EPs of 2010!

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