Saturday 18 December 2010

In The Cesspool, It Gets So Lonely Baby...

Im not sure what to make of Heartbreak, the new EP by Brooklyn reprobates Cesspool. It opens with a decidedly twisted take on Elvis' brilliant 'Heartbreak Hotel' (simply called 'Heartbreak' here), and its sleazy rock grooves and unnerving silences amidst the lurching rhythms and yelps mark this as the signature track here. Then we hit the rest of the album - and it is a decidedly ramshackle affair, unlike most of anything Ive heard before. 'Hey Hey Hey' has a quirky female vocal of an effective wurlitzer-like guitar line, warbled pixie lyrics, and is pretty much fucked up, whilst 'HHH' is the barnyard square dance that Timothy Leary would have orchestrated. 'Ski Trip' then becomes a Flaming Lips meets Belle and Sebastian and Ben Folds meandering woozepop hit, and 'Sea Cruise' has a bunch of 50s hillbillies in a 00s garage. Finally we hit the end of Heartbreak with 'Soup-De-Do' - perfectly bookending the madness with an original but nonetheless sister version of 'Heartbreak', all cascading cymbals, squalling guitar licks and tortured vocal cords. This is one strange record, from one strange band. Their music is, by their own definition, 'creepy, dickish, loud, complicated, catchy rock songs.' Fair dues. I likee.

Get Heartbreak here.


  1. Cesspool fucking blows. Everyone has a fucking boner for these hacks and I can't figure out why. Goddamnit

  2. a giant unicorn boner perhaps???? i know these guys personally Mr. anonymous, and trust me the comment you made above made them giggle with glee. not in any malicious way, simply that music impacts them so much, and they're happy to have made a difference in your life too, whatever the difference may be. to have such a polarizing effect on audiences is not an easy accomplishment. you have to look to icons like Mike Patton, and the late, great captain beefheart. congratulations gentlemen. when i get my Xmas money i'ma buy your EP! love, tyler deVos

  3. Tyler (and anyone else!), the EP is free!

    Abe (Cesspool singer/guitarist)